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General Talk / Welcomw to 2017!
« on: January 01, 2017, 05:44:59 am »
Happy New Year to all!

News & Announcements / almost every forum spammed to death
« on: October 25, 2016, 12:51:42 am »
How do these fucktards get through. thats just insane. I hate the internet sometimes.

Ok, since moving to v4 my motion detection is just horrible. I either get constant recordings of every shadow around my place or it misses half of the things it should detect.

As of this writing, on version x64

Ok, first off, I have 1 camera that covers a big area so I created a duplicate camera and it has its own motion sensing.
Now here is my issue for all my external cameras:
If I set min obj size greater than say around 190 it will miss stuff. most of mine are in the 120-190 range
min contrast has to also be very low. between 15-20 and just for reference I have all cameras set to 5.0 seconds of pre trigger

Now. anything higher on those numbers and it simply misses stuff. It can miss a person walking by all the way to a vehicle coming through and not registering. Make time is around 1.3 to 1.5 seconds.

Im going to include 3 pictures during the day. The first picture is my backdoor. You will notice the shadows from the tree(s). On this, I have a min size of 395 and contrast of 32. It seems to do "ok" but it will miss people walking by in the driveway itself on occasion. my night time is 193 and 18. It will pick up a cat walking by. since its IR, I dont get a lot of false positives at night unless a ton of bugs are out. Note during the day, anything less then 395 and 32 produces tons of false alarms with shadows and even then if there is a good wind, im screwed.

The drivway photo you see has LOTS of shadows during the morning and day. its mid day settings is 152 and 16. I tried setting to 300 but it seems to miss everything in the shadows.
What I call intersection is the same camera but I only highlight a portion of the driveway around the pole area. The reason for this is if I hear all 3 go off in sequence then im pretty sure that someone is at my backdoor area. Otherwise I would constantly be looking.
I have also tried 300ish and I can tell you, it can miss a mail truck coming through. You can actually see one coming in the intersection one.

Now, lets go deeper. lets go to the zones. Zones have not worked for me for a while. when I say that, im talking about creating zone a b c and telling it that if these zones are crossed to trigger an alert. I can set up multiple zones without the crossing zones checked and it seems to detect a little better than one gigantic zone.

So with all this said. What is working for people and whats not working? Even in version 3 I constantly battled to many detections but it rarely missed anything. v4 misses all kinds of stuff and I just dont think, after using v4 since its release, that it can be trusted to get even 90% of the detections.
A prime example. 2 folks parked at my neighbors house on 250cc scooters. right near the side of the house (which is included as part of the intersection detection). It caught them coming in but not till they were almost at the mailbox. 5.0 second pretrigger should have had them back near the road. It recorded nothing of them leaving at all. this happens a fair amount for delivery drivers and mailmen than come down the driveway. Anyways, lets see if we can figure out where the issues are.

Troubleshooting / Events: subscription 00002efd
« on: October 12, 2016, 05:01:29 am »
Anyone seen this message? I could not find anything about it. 3 of my cameras are constantly giving this error in the BI event log.

I should have listed this as BI v4, latest build as of this writing.

Empire / ESC-HFW3200C
« on: September 08, 2016, 08:56:08 pm »
Ok, So I bought this camera from empire a couple years ago off clearance, Just camera, nothing else. I just pulled it out of the box and tested it and its working fine in blue iris. Here is my issue. When going to the ip I gave it, I get the net surveillance pop up to log into. The problem is, its all chinese lol. So maybe I wasnt looking for the right thing but I could not find a firmware upgrade for it at all, neither could I find the software to do the updating. I am assuming update.exe that came with my old esc cam could update it, just not sure. Anyone happen to have the firmware for that particular camera?

IP Cameras / Reolink RLC-410 Anyone got this camera???
« on: September 05, 2016, 05:05:02 am »
Hey guys, been a long time since I was up here. My esc cam finally died after several years of use. Have no idea what happened to it, it was still getting power as you could see the IR lights come on at night but everything else was dead. It would not connect, get an ip or anything.

Anyways, I just picked up the reolink
camera and so far it seems pretty decent for the price. Setup was a breeze in its own software but in blue iris it was a bit of a huge pain. Seems no matter what id and password I made, it would only accept logging in as user admin. I could log into its own software with my user id but not blue iris. It took some tweaking but I finally got the ghosting to stop. Unfortunately I had to put it in decoder compatibility mode and that stopped the ghosting. Im running it at 2560x1440 @20fps and it along with my 3 other dinky foscams, I run at about 13% cpu. So, anyone else have this camera? Whats your thoughts on it? For the price I think its pretty decent, the picture is fine and the one thing I have missed from my old logitech cameras was sound. I am very happy that this has sound and it is comparable to my old logitech cameras. Its one way only and to turn it on, you have to go into the software it came with and turn on audio in recordings and then it works.

I would like to ask, anyone able to get more than 9fps when in IR mode? I have not been able to get that any higher.

Here are a few screen captures from inside blue iris recordings. The time stamp and name are all from within the camera. It seems you might have to download them to see them in their full size, viewing online shrinks it.

General Talk / A Geeky thing to do with BI...
« on: April 22, 2014, 01:56:48 am »
Ok, So I bought one of those pico projectors that was on sale on woot a few weeks back. I bought it for a specific reason dealing with my Amazon Fire Tv box but it just hit me, Wouldnt it be cool to have your BI screen projecting onto a screen/wall/ceiling with your cams on it? The projectors are low lumen/long lamp life So that might be a fun, geeky thing to do with one. I may have to look into buying a new cable and trying that lol.

Troubleshooting / Issue found in 3.47.01
« on: February 11, 2014, 08:53:19 pm »
I have found an issue with one of my cameras in the latest version. When in multi cam view it shows a steady 20fps which is what I have it set to. If I full screen that camera (ESC cam), the fps steadily drops from 20fps down to 10fps and stays there. If I put it back in multi cam view, you can see the fps increase back to 20fps. I have one other camera that I watch the fps on but it stays around 10fps all the time, regardless of full screen or not. This just started happening after this last upgrade.

General Talk / New Blue Iris update is out 3.32.01
« on: August 29, 2013, 03:54:04 am »
3.32.01 - August 29, 2013

Where you enter email recipients for alerts etc., you may now specify CC and BCC as well.  Do this by adding + to the beginning of the address for CC or - for BCC.  Multiple addresses are separated by either a , or ;.

You may use %f for fps and %k for kBps as text overlay macros.

Post your cam captures here! / 15+ years of dirt and grime
« on: August 20, 2013, 04:56:56 am »
So I have this really old deck on the front of the house. We have never really used it at all since we moved into this house many many years ago. Heck, until recently you couldnt even go out our front door as we kept it sealed up. Well, we have been working on the house some recently and I decided to buy a cheapo power washer just to see if it could do anything for that deck. I could not believe the difference it made! Keep in mind its still wet the next morning this pic was taken. Here is the before and after shots from my agasio cam on the front door.

Android Apps / push notifications and kindle tablet
« on: August 14, 2013, 08:12:20 pm »
Has anyone been able to get this to work on their kindle fire hd or regular kindle fire?

Customizing / logitech G510 keyboard
« on: July 29, 2013, 05:44:13 am »
Does anyone have this keyboard on their BI system? I was thinking of making a script that would cause the keyboard to start flashing different colors on a motion trigger. Just wondering if there would be any interest in this.

Ok, finally got my camera setup where I want it. This is a still shot from a few minutes ago resized by 50%. The shot after that will be a comparison to my old 750 logitech outdoor 720p camera. To me the difference is night and day. My only complaint so far is that the new cam even at its widest angle still doesnt catch as much as the lohgitech cam. I believe the logitech cam has a 110 degree view. Also notice in the upper left hand corner the partial dark circle, to get rid of that it would cut a fair amount off the bottom where the ramp is, so I guess I just have to live with it.

ESC 1080P cam

Old Camera

Troubleshooting / stuttering in videos
« on: July 09, 2013, 03:46:36 pm »
I am unable to figure out why this happens but when playing back videos, you see slow downs and speed ups of motion. For example, car pulling in at normal smooth speed may then slow down as if in slow motion or speed up as if you were fast forwarding a few seconds. When watching the bar at the bottom of the video in BI, you can see it move faster in spots like it is skipping frames. This happens with all 4 of my cameras, logitech 700 outdoor, agasio 612 outdoor, foscam 8918 indoor and even my usb webcam logitech c310.

In watching live you dont see any stuttering at all, its only in the recordings. all cameras use bvr format. I even tried direct to disk but it still had the stuttering in it. I uploaded a vid to youtube, you can see a little bit of it with the car pulling in and backing up.

Any ideas?

General Talk / Night and IR
« on: July 08, 2013, 02:55:11 am »
So how do you guys keep from getting tons of false alarms due to gnat swarms or moths or spiders? It gets bad around here especially if there is a storm, you get what looks like swarms of a thousand gnats swirling around the IR on the cameras and if its not raining then I get lots of false alarms from moths flying around the IR on the camera. I currently have 2 cameras that do IR, a logitech 700 outdoor and an agasio 612 poe outdoor.I have been fighting this problem with my logitech for 2 years now and the only remedy I could come up with was to turn the IR off and have a couple motion sensing lights come on and hope they are in the light well enough to be identified.

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