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The two youths at the bus stop..
An "apparent" (innocent until proven guilty) car jacking of a lone women. Happened 2 days earlier and I only found out after the shop keeper told me tonight whilst buying beer:)
The police had canvassed the area also?? they did not come via my home I can attest to that.
Anyhow, these scumbags take the car but a couple of local heroes try and help and the one guy on the right is seen laying the slap down, fair play son!
I personally think they lay in wait as what I uploaded is not the entire piece, as soon as they saw her load the boot/trunk they went for it. She had bought a load of cigarettes? Well I am not the police or courts but the Hiks might help.

Troubleshooting / Powerline adapters
« on: June 15, 2016, 07:09:42 pm »
Hi all.

I have 6 or so gigabit adapters connecting my ipcams. When I check on powerline utility all is running fast and well, and when I start Blue Iris it keeps disconnecting the cams??

any idea?
thanks all

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