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FTP Trigger How To..
« on: January 02, 2009, 11:02:04 am »
You can find FTP Trigger in the download area. Remember, you need to be a registered member of this forum to download :)

After installing FTP Trigger and starting it you have a FTP Server to your service. The server is started at port 21. You might need to open this port on your machines firewall for working correctly. FTP Trigger will be installed in your START->Cam-It folder. With starting the Server automatically will be active.

You can hide FTP Trigger by right-clicking its symbol in the system tray. By left clicking you can show it again.

When showing, switch to the Cam Settings Tab:

Enter at the FTP Login Name your camera short name, or anything else and add a password in the table. When clicking in the connect action / timout action field you have a button, showing "..." - when clicking this, you can choose the application or batch file to be executed. You cannot enter parameters here, if you need to run an application which needs parametes, create a batch file or a shortcut to choose here.
Enter in the timeout section the seconds to pass until the timeout action will be executed.

Setting up FTP in your cam:

Use the local IP of your machine which has FTP Trigger running. Choose as login and password the login name and password you have entered.

Once a camera connects to FTP Trigger the connect action will be immideatly be executed, before a picture has been uploaded. Pictures will be stored in subfolders being named by the login name.

If you have questions on how to set up, or ask for possibilities, please leave a message on this board.
Do not email me at my hotmail email adress. Leave me a note in the forum or as PM.



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