Author Topic: UPDATED: Setting up you ESC camera for the first time "Quick Guide"  (Read 1584 times)

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Due to broken picture links I have updated the guide.

First put in the CD disk that came with your camera and navigate to the folder I have circled below. Then run the General_upgrade_eng file and it will install the config tool you will need. It will create a shortcut of you can run it from its location (see 2nd picture)

Then when the screen pops up you will first click "IP SEARCH" it will find your camera and it will show up above. You will probably have to allow your firewall to give it access. Once your cam is listed, be sure to check the box. Next, fill in your desired IP# - subnet - gateway. Once this is done just click "modify" and it will tell you if you successfully changed the configuration.

Now you must use IE browser in order to configure the camera. So type in your new IP# that you just assigned in the above step:  for example
It will connect to the camera’s web GUI and login screen. First thing to do is open IE/tools/internet options/security and add the cam’s IP# to trusted sites. Also under secuirty you will need to click ”custom level” and change the “unsigned activex” to prompt.

Now close IE and restart IE and connect to your cam. Use admin/blank password (default) and give it time to download plugin. It will prompt you to allow it to installand click OK. If you have the plugin installed correctly you will see this screen:

Dedicated BI System: 
I5-3570K @ 3.4GHz 16GB Ram  
Windows 10 Pro 64bit                                
Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD4H Intel HD 4000 Graphics
Running 15 cameras  approx.  23 megapixel



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