Author Topic: Standard 9/16CH NVR for IP surveillance applications  (Read 1017 times)

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Standard 9/16CH NVR for IP surveillance applications
« on: June 02, 2014, 12:17:28 pm »
Undoubtedly, network video stream recording and storage is becoming mature technology. Typically, there are no big difference between famous brand and less well-known brand's products. Today, we are going to introduce our latest line-up of Unifore 1080P NVRs to you. The new design EN7293 and EN7263 are new members of our IP surveillance equipment portfolio for your affordable IP surveillance applications.

As a complete security solution provider, Unifore is dedicated to continuously meet the requirements of the booming IP surveillance market. The EN7293 is 1.5U size network video recorder which fully compliant with standard ONVIF, and supporting working with up to 9 units of 1080P IP cameras, EN7263 can support up to 16 channels recording at 1080P in real time. Both models are high performance network recorder, and can be used and installed anywhere.

These two models are embedded with Linux OS, come with user friendly GUI for easy operation. Similar to other models, it can support automatic searching IP cameras, which can allow user to add cameras through single click, without hassle network configuration for each of IPC. The house is adopting the metal housing which has fans to cool the system for providing reliable performance, and they have four SATA HDD ports, which support up to 16TB total storage, one interface with up to 4TB capacity.  Additionally, it has one e-SATA interface which enable them can be extended into unlimited storage space.

They are HD video surveillance dedicated network video recorder. Supporting four different recording modes, and allowing 4CH 1080P playback simultaneously in real time. Recording resolution can be from 720P and 1080P, advanced video storage algorithem, you don't need to worry about video looses. Furthermore, it has dual local video output, VGA for standard monitor, and HDMI for your HDTV monitor. User can enjoy the true high definition monitoring.

As standard NVRs, they come with more advanced functions and built-in virtual server for allowing remotely access through any internet browsers or smartphone (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone...ect). These two models have four alarm inputs and one alarm output, RS485 interface for your integration solution. Audio input and outputs can allow system to broadcast voice via network.

Finally, it is Onvif compliant IP device, it supports multiply network protocols, including RSTP, which allow these NVRs to work with third-party's IP cameras, or even video management software.

Obtain more information:
We are offering security alarm system and IP cameras - 4CH Standalone DVR



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