Author Topic: Ratingsecu R-HA536N 2.4MP/1080p Panning Camera  (Read 993 times)

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Ratingsecu R-HA536N 2.4MP/1080p Panning Camera
« on: June 28, 2014, 05:21:02 pm »
The camera is less than 1 month old, and used even less than that.

Features of the camera:
IR distance up to 100M
6-22MM Zoom which can be done via browser or Blue Iris.  You also focus it there
255 Degree Pan which can be done via browser or Blue Iris
Audio - decent quality, not amazing, but not bad either

Pesky was nice enough to post some quick sample videos of the camera here:

My camera will not focus at the 6MM Point.  So you would essentially get a 8-22MM Zoom/Pan camera.  I am told by Ratingsecu that this can most likely be fixed by opening the camera up, but I do not know enough or feel comfortable doing it.  Also, they have told me that a new bracket that will both Pan and Tilt will be coming soon, supposedly in the next couple months....they will cost ~$15 and you can add it to the camera down the road.  This is a great camera as a PTZ alternative in a residential area where 30x zoom is extreme overkill.  Any questions or if you want sample pics/videos, feel free to PM me.

I am asking for $140 shipped.
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